Will Smith Has Another Project Being Delayed, ‘Bright’ Sequel Rumored to Be Canceled

Following the news that Netflix had quietly backed away from working with Will Smith on an upcoming movie, it’s being reported that another project of his is being delayed.

Bloomberg reports that National Geographic is delaying production on the nature series Pole to Pole, which is going to follow Will as he visits both the North Pole and the South pole.

The series “was to have begun shooting in three weeks. Work will now be pushed back until the fall.”

It seems Bloomberg’s original report had also mentioned that the sequel to Bright was canceled as the news has spread around the internet, but the info is now missing from their website.

Bright was a big hit for Netflix in 2017 and a sequel was in development, but it was reported that plans for the film had been canceled. It’s possible that the news wasn’t actually true and that’s why it was removed from the original article.

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